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There are many people who, when they apply for a study program in Canada, want to study and work at the same time. This is a great possibility, however, it requires certain documents that you have to have to do it. Among those is the Social Insurance Number.

This procedure is one of the most important to be able to work in the country, so it is better to take it into account from the beginning.

In this article we will tell you what the Social Insurance Number is and how to obtain it.

What is the Social Insurance Number?

This document is quite simple: it is a 9-digit number that allows you to work in the country. This number is unique to you and the company you work for will ask you for it before starting your work.

The SIN was created in 1964 so that those who were in the country, whether residents or foreign students, could apply for various programs offered by the Canadian government.

This number basically allows access to all government programs to receive all the rights that a citizen can access in the country.

How can I get it out?

Getting this document is quite simple and you can get it at any time. You only need your original passport and visa to get it.

With this document in hand you can now work safely in Canada.

You must remember that this number is strictly confidential and non-transferable. Not everyone needs to know about it and if someone were using it it could result in a crime, so it is better to keep it secret.

Do not forget that before traveling you must check the data you receive and be aware of the types of visa you can apply for.

Job opportunities in Canada

The job market in Canada is very open for foreign students. Although they are jobs from being a waiter to a sales advisor in a store, these experiences can make your level of English improve and become a complete immersion experience.

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