What is the ILAC KISS program?

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When we think of a study trip abroad There is always something that usually makes us doubt: the level of English. You may be looking for alternatives to improve your level before starting your trip, and at Global Connection we have an excellent option: ILAC KISS.

At the beginning of 2020 we saw how the world entered a global isolation that left many people confined to their homes. Likewise, in many institutions classes stopped and many had to adapt to a new reality.

Because of this, ILAC found a way to connect students with their teachers so that education would not stop.

This is how this is born virtual program which you can easily access. 

What is ILAC KISS?

ILAC is a prestigious Canadian institution with presence in Toronto and Vancouver. With ILAC KISS This institution becomes a pioneer in this type of education.

With this program, students will be able to study English from home with specialized teachers with methodologies that will make the experience unique.

Furthermore, thanks to this program you will be able to start a language course at home and start preparing your study trip abroad.

Who is it addressed to?

The program is aimed at anyone who wants to start a educational project in Canada

The most interesting thing is that when you start ILAC KISS you can travel later to finish your course in toronto or in vancouver.

On the other hand, if you are interested in doing the Pathway program you can do it with ILAC KISS.

What advantages does this program have?

ILAC KISS It has many advantages that make it a unique opportunity. Initially, it has a much lower cost than an in-person program, and you can also start it from the moment you register.

Furthermore, with this program you can prepare for your study trip to Canada, since you can start your course through ILAC KISS and finish it at the institution in Canada without any problem.

Furthermore, this program guarantees that you will improve your level of English and you will be able to start dreaming about your business project. study trip abroad.

Contact a Global Connection advisor to know more.   

Travel and study with Global Connection
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