The easy languages to learn for a Spanish speaker

Are you looking for a new language to learn? At Global Connection we show you those languages that are easy to learn if you already speak Spanish.
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Speaking many languages is something very interesting in a person. And professionally it is very attractive to have knowledge of different languages. Therefore, many people are looking for a way to learn languages quickly. Sometimes one of the most effective ways is to find languages that are easy to learn, either because it looks like your original language or because the language is easy to access.

In any case, knowing how to choose a language will help make it a much easier task than it might seem.

That is why At Global Connection we show you those languages that are easy to learn if you already speak Spanish.


Sometimes the similarity of languages has a very marked geographical connotation. And since Portugal is so close to Spain It is natural that Portuguese and Spanish are too similar. That's why turning it on would be relatively easy.

It is worth remembering that Spain was previously several separate kingdoms, spread across the Iberian Peninsula. And each of those kingdoms had a language that, for the most part, were languages that had evolved from the Latin brought by the Romans. Later, the territory of Portugal was separated from the kingdom of León and the kingdom of Galicia before those two were part of the unification of what would be called Spain.

That's why both languages tend to resemble each other so much. AND If you speak Spanish you have half a job ready and it won't cost you much to learn it.


The Romans arrived in many parts of Europe and in many of them they left part of their language planted within the territory, which is why Romance languages appeared in some of those territories. One of those territories is what we know today as France.

And that is why learning French can be easy (Although it is not as easy as Portuguese). Grammatically, French is not so similar to Spanish. Many changes occur in the organization of phrases and how a sentence is constructed at different tenses. However, There are many words that have similarities and, in that sense, nurturing the French vocabulary is not that complicated.

But if what you want is to learn French quickly, the best thing you can do is take a trip to France where you know the language well while interacting with the country. You will see that your ear will quickly become more accustomed to the new language and you will learn it faster than you think.


If we are talking about Romance languages, We cannot leave behind the language closest to what Latin was at that time: Italian. It could be said that this language is the direct child of Latin, since it is the language that arose where the center of the Roman Empire was originally.     

Shortly after the disappearance of the Western Roman Empire, the language separated into several dialects that grew on their own: Tuscan, Neapolitan, Sicilian and Romanesco.

However, the dialect that began to spread throughout the Italian peninsula was archaic Florentine, which was part of the Tuscan dialect. Over time it spread throughout all the kingdoms of Italy until Italian reunification took place and this language became official for everyone.

But as we mentioned, it is another language from Latin, so knowing the vocabulary will not be very difficult. Even the grammar tends to look a bit alike, once you start learning, when you least expect it you will be speaking Italian fluently.


We already talked about the Romance languages that share roots with Spanish. Now it's time to talk about the most accessible language of all: English. To some extent, The ease of speaking English is not so much because of how similar it may be, but because of how exposed you will be to this language.

And, to be very honest, Nowadays you find English everywhere: on the street, in the supermarket, in music, on television. In reality, you will be very exposed to the language, so learning it is a matter of absorbing as much vocabulary as you can.

And although it may sound a little strange, you can make filling yourself with this information a lot of fun with music, series or movies that will make this learning much more enjoyable, and when you least expect it, you will have a good level of English. And now that you know the languages that you can learn easily What do you think about traveling to a destination to learn any of these languages?

At Global Connection we help you find that ideal course for you. Contact us to learn more.

Travel and study with Global Connection
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