Opening of borders in Malta

Thanks to advances in vaccination processes, borders are opening. The borders in Malta have been opened for new students.
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After the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, little by little the borders of several countries are opening to receive international students in different educational programs. Now the opening of borders in Malta.

Thanks to advances in vaccination processes, borders are opening. And recently, Malta opened its doors for the arrival of new students.

Thus, Malta joins the opening that many countries such as Canada and the Arab Emirates opened their doors during the year.

If you want to apply to a educational program in Malta, this is what you have to keep in mind:

Vaccination certificate

Certainly, the opening of Malta's borders is an important advance and is thanks to the efforts of governments to achieve high levels of vaccination.

In the case of Malta, a point has been reached where They will begin to receive students whether they are vaccinated or not. Which means that As of May 2, 2022, it is not required to present the vaccination certificate to be able to take in-person classes at any school in Malta

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Regulations for schools in the opening of borders in Malta

While the Maltese government has opened the borders for entry of international students, there are still precautions within English schools that must be followed to take care of COVID-19.

Since the use of masks or masks during classes is mandatory to avoid contagion.

Additionally, if during your stay you develop symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild, you must report it to the authorities and begin immediate isolation until you are tested.

Student visa

The visa is another important document to take advantage of the opening of borders in Malta for international students.

This country is part of the Schengen Group, so a Colombian can spend 3 months as a tourist in Malta. But if it is a course longer than 12 weeks, the student must apply for a temporary resident visa.

Keep this in mind when you are going to apply for a course in Malta to gather the necessary documentation to make your trip a perfect experience.

Now that you know what you need to go to study in Malta, since the borders have been opened for Colombian students, contact one of our advisors to give you more information about the Educational programs available for this country

Do not doubt contact us, our services have no cost!

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