I have a tight budget. The excuse that breaks with a dream and a lot of planning

Having a tight budget is no excuse to let your dreams go. At Global Connection we show you how a student managed to do it.
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Do you want to study in another country but are on a tight budget? Diana, one of our former students, shares her experience in New York with us:

Every dream brings risks, otherwise it would not be a real dream, but rather an experience that adds to that list of things to do before a certain deadline.

Dreams realized generate satisfaction, strength, and fill the soul and mind with images and sensations that transport you to what you thought you couldn't do.

I will share a little of my own experience as an international student; My stubbornness led me to choose the most expensive city and at the same time the most magical and exuberant: New York.

With a recently completed undergraduate degree, leaving my job and without having sufficient financial resources, I began to gather savings, settlements, card quotas, severance payments, loans and more. So much so that before traveling I thought –At the end of the day I don't know when I can leave the country again. and under this argument I completely immersed myself in planning my trip.

The travel experience

I researched for months how to lead a modest life, what to eat, where to buy groceries to cook and how to take advantage of the city for free, once I arrived at everything I applied it spontaneously. I paid 3 dollars for tickets to museums that cost more than 20 dollars, I was the city guide for my roommates, applying my English skills under a cultural framework.

I discovered my creativity in the kitchen, I walked daily to feel like a New Yorker, I read local newspapers, I enjoyed traditional festivals, the most controversial elections in history and at the end of my adventure I returned home happy, satisfied and with a range of memories in magical parks.

Gastronomic exchanges at home, smart and necessary purchases, conversations with my friends during subway rides, street artists, meetings in cafes, crowds in the parades on special dates like Halloween and Thanksgiving, memories that cannot be summarized even in photos.

I returned with some economic uncertainty, but it was all worth it; My English skills allowed me to get a job that I didn't think I would like that much. Now as Counselor of Global Connection I have the opportunity to help people like me, so that they take risks and live academic experiences abroad that will last throughout their lives. Don't let the money factor condition your dreams, Your view of the world will change with each trip! 

Did you feel like leaving? To start planning your study trip you must start the procedures well in advance, which will avoid cost overruns and setbacks.

Planning a study trip involves a budget that depends on many variables:

Destination cost of living

It is essential that you investigate the price of public transportation, food and entertainment in different destinations.

Cities like Sydney, London, New York and Toronto are great fun and have a lot to offer, but their cost of living is high. Small cities tend to be much cheaper, although if you decide to cook, get around by bike or walk around the city and visit tourist places at a student rate it will be much easier for you to make the money.


Just as you can stay in a student residence, there are much cheaper alternatives such as sharing an apartment with several colleagues, renting a room in a family home, staying with friends or family, using accommodation exchange networks or even sharing a room will cost you much more economical.

Where to study on a tight budget?

It is important to choose a quality institution, there may be others that are cheaper, but it is essential to keep in mind that you are making a great investment in which you will overcome a learning need that will open the doors to other experiences, whether work, academic or cultural.

If you search early you can find offers on different programs and even scholarships from institutions of high academic quality.

One of the most recommended is ELS Language Centers, one that has a wide range of destinations with the advantage that all its schools are located on university campuses.

Our advisors are trained to support you throughout your search process, application to the program and trip. Ask for advice on this link or make a online quote.

The world is very big and diverse, start your next adventure now!

Travel and study with Global Connection
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