How to study in Canada: Recommendations and tips before your trip

Discover why Canada is the ideal destination to study abroad. Enter here and learn everything you need to know about how to study in Canada.
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Are you considering studying abroad, but aren't sure which country to choose?  Study in Canada could be the answer you are looking for. With high-quality education, incredible cities, an efficient transportation system and a diverse culture, this country is a popular destination for students from all over the world, where you can study English or a higher education program in this city.

Take note and discover how to study in Canada, where are some of the best schools for to study English?, What are your programs? higher education?, among other aspects that make Canada an excellent option to study.

3 Key aspects of your educational system

How to study in Canada

Studying in Canada is opting for one of the best educational systems in the world. The country has a wide variety of educational institutions, from universities and colleges, to some of the best English schools, which offer high quality programs, But what makes the Canadian education system so exceptional?

One of the main reasons Canada's education system is so good is its commitment to academic excellence. The country has a large number of renowned educational institutions, many of which appear in international university rankings. 

In addition, the different programs and schools in Canada are rigorous and challenging, which means that students will be tasked with always being the best academically.

Another key aspect of Canada's education system is its focus on research. Canadian universities have excelled in areas such as science, technology, engineering and social sciences, allowing students the opportunity to participate in different research at an international level.

On the other hand, the Canadian education system stands out for practical learning and work experience. Many educational institutions offer programs that combine classroom learning with practical opportunities in the real world, such as internships and programs that will allow you to get your first taste of the world of work.

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Step by step: A brief explanation of how to study in Canada

How to study in Canada

Being a popular destination among international students, many people want to undertake their study trip to this destination, but not everyone knows what they should take into account before taking an English course or studying a higher education program in Canada?

Step 1: Admission and acceptance letter from the institute to which you are going to carry out your study application process

International students must be accepted by their chosen institution before they can travel and study in Canada. Generally, they must complete an application and provide evidence of their academic and financial history.

Step 2: Visa Process: Student Visa

It is necessary to prove that you are enrolled in an accredited school to obtain a student visa in Canada. Enrollment is an essential requirement to be able to apply for a visa, keep in mind that depending on the duration of your program, this process has some variations that we mention here

Visa to study in Canada up to 6 months

Required documents:


digital photo

Economic solvency documents

Letter of acceptance from the institution

Approximate cost: $185 CAD* (Values subject to change)

Visa to study in Canada for more than 6 months

Required documents:


digital photo

Economic solvency documents

Letter of acceptance from the institution

CAQ Certificate (For students from the province of Quebec)

Approximate cost: $ 235 CAD* (Values subject to change)

You can carry out both application processes online, through the official website of the Canadian government.

Step 3: Prepare your suitcase! Prepare what you need to study in Canada

One recommendation we have for you is that you can research the climate, this way you can decide what type of clothing to wear, if you need coats or waterproof clothing, or if you should include appropriate footwear for the snow. 

Check the luggage policy, each airline has its own luggage policy, so it is important that you check how many suitcases you can carry, the maximum weight allowed and the restrictions on objects that you cannot include.

And lastly, be sure to label your bags with your contact information in case they get lost or mixed up at the airport.

In conclusion, traveling and studying in Canada is an enriching experience that offers numerous benefits for international students. With a high-quality educational system, the possibility of doing business internships and the great benefit of obtaining permanent residency, they make Canada an appropriate destination.

What are some of the best schools to study English in Canada?

How to study in Canada

ILAC (International Language Academy of Canada): This language school is widely recognized for its focus on teaching high-quality English in a friendly and inclusive environment. ILAC offers a variety of English programs, from intensive courses to academic English programs, and has highly trained teachers and an interactive learning environment.

Its different facilities are located in the cities of: Toronto and Vancouverr.

ILSC (International Language School of Canada):  It is an excellent option to consider studying English in Canada. You will have a variety of programs, an interactive learning environment and different activities outside the classroom, that will allow you to practice the language in spaces where you can meet and share with other students. 

Some of its headquarters are located in: Vancouver and Toronto.

EC English: It is an institution that has an innovative approach to language teaching, which combines traditional teaching techniques with the use of advanced technology. 

Students who decide to take an English program will have access to a variety of technological tools designed to improve their learning, such as mobile applications, interactive games and online learning platforms.

You can study at the locations located in: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Oxford International: Founded in 1991, it is part of some of the best English schools to study in Canada. 

Students have access to high-quality English programs designed to meet the needs of learners of all language levels, from beginners to advanced students looking to perfect their English for academic or professional purposes.

It has offices in: Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto.

Studying in Canada not only offers you the opportunity to take an English course in some of the most popular cities among international students. You can also study a higher education program at its renowned universities and colleges.

Top 4 universities and colleges where you can study in Canada 

How to study in Canada

Humber college: It is an excellent option for those looking to study in Canada, and are looking for a high-quality education in an inclusive and diverse environment.

You will have a wide variety of programs ranging from business and information technology, to creative arts and health sciences. 

This college has a practical approach to teaching, provides its students with the opportunity to apply their skills on real projects and work with local businesses and organizations to gain practical experience in the real world of work.

Featured higher education programs or careers: Applied technology, visual and performing arts, administration, social and community services

Thompson Rivers University: It is a public university located in the beautiful city of Kamloops, in the province of British Columbia, in Canada. 

It has excellent student resources, including libraries, state-of-the-art technology, sports and recreation facilities, counseling services and academic support, which allow for an enjoyable experience for those who decide to study in Canada.

Furthermore, it has a wide network of alumni around the world who can help students connect with career opportunities after graduation.

The university also has excellent relationships with local businesses and non-profit organizations, which means that students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience, in some companies, and establish professional contacts while studying.

Featured higher education programs or careers: Administration, environmental sciences, economics and politics, psychology

Seneca College: The university has been ranked as one of the best city universities in Ontario, it has excellent relationships with companies and industry organizations, meaning that students have the opportunity to network and gain practical experience while studying in Canada.

 Besides, the university has a career development center that provides support and guidance to students in seeking employment after graduation.

Featured higher education programs or careers: Engineering, information technology, communications, accounting, finance, marketing, international business, graphic design, animation and veterinary science.

University of Canada West: Its different programs are designed to provide students with skills and knowledge relevant to the current labor market, it has a diverse student community, made up of students from more than 50 different countries.

This diversity promotes an inclusive and nurturing learning environment. On the other hand, those who have decided to study in Canada, This university has a career development center that provides support and guidance to students in seeking employment after graduation.

Featured higher education programs or careers: Business, MBA, communication, commerce.

Co-op Courses: A popular option to study in Canada

How to study in Canada

It is a study program that combines theory with work practice. Students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class through real work experience in their field of study, which provides some benefits to students who decide to study in Canada.

This program offers you the opportunity to acquire work experience in your field of study and in an international environment, which will allow you to develop intercultural skills and improve your level of English, in addition to being able to finance your studies in Canada.

On the other hand, taking this program could make a big difference in your professional future, since you will have a competitive advantage when looking for a job.

Obtaining permanent residence: An opportunity when studying in Canada

If one of your goals is to obtain permanent residence in Canada through your studies, you must take these two requirements into account. 

First of all, You should focus on pursuing a higher education program, instead of taking English or French classes. 

And in second place, it is important that you obtain a student visa to be able to later apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP), which will allow you to work in Canada after graduating and obtain the work experience necessary to apply for permanent residence.

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Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for students around the world and if you are looking to expand your horizons and prepare for a successful future, studying in Canada is definitely the country you should choose.

Are you ready to study in Canada? At Global Connection You will be able to receive personalized advice at no cost to make your study program in this destination a reality. Schedule your appointment with us!

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