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Studying and applying for residency in the province of Quebec is possible. We share 5 points that you should know before starting.
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Studying and applying for residency in the province of Quebec is possible. Here we share 5 points that you should know before starting:

We know that there are many students interested in improving their academic and professional profile, but we also know that many of them intend to migrate to Canada and start a life project in this destination. The idea of this article is to tell our students how they can fulfill this purpose.

Before starting we want to remind you that it is important that you consult with one of our advisors your situation so that we can give you the necessary guidance so that you do not have any inconvenience when making your study trip to Canada. We can also guide you in the programs that we currently have in force for this province, from English programs to higher studies.

1.What is the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)?

First, to begin, we must know what the PEQ is, this program is easy and quick access to permanent immigration. It is one of the most agile immigration programs to carry out a life project in Quebec through a study program or qualified work.

2. What conditions must be met to apply as a student?

There are different ways to apply, one of them is as a student, which is why if you want to be eligible for PEQ as a graduate in Quebec, you must meet the following conditions:

1. Have a Quebec diploma that is admissible, including: DEP (Diploma of Vocational studies) of 1800 hours, or + an ASP (Attestation of Vocational Specialization) totaling 1800 hours, DEC (diploma of college studies), Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate.
2. Having worked in Quebec for 18 months.
3. Have French B2 certified by an official exam.

3. What conditions must be met to apply as a worker?

You can also apply to this immigration program as a worker. In this case, those people who for at least 24 of the last 36 months have held one or more specialized managerial, professional or technical level jobs in Québec and who continue to hold such employment can apply.

One of the best ways to do this is through study with programs like the AEC (Attestation of college studies). A qualification issued in Quebec by cégeps and some private Colleges, Programs specifically designed with a current focus on the labor market.

4. Languages

It is also important that you keep in mind that Québec is the only Canadian province that allows studies in both French and English. With an advanced level of one of these two languages, you can start a higher education program without problem.

Most Colombian students begin their program in English and take advantage of French courses funded by the province of Quebec known as the francisation, which can be accessed by students, temporary workers and even their partners and children. This is a great advantage for those students who not only want to improve their English but also learn a third language.

 You must bear in mind that to apply for the PEQ you must demonstrate an advanced intermediate level of French.

5. How to take the first step?

Please note that each profile is unique. If your interest is to study and settle in the province of Québec, we invite you to schedule a personalized consultation, which is completely free and will allow you to learn more about the types of programs, costs and visa processes. Dare to ask and learn more about this topic. The advantages that this province offers are unique and if you are well informed you can get the most out of your study project.

To take into account: The Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion may modify the rules for selecting its immigrants at any time.

 If you have questions and want to receive personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

We are here to help you!

Travel and study with Global Connection
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