New York streets

5 streets in New York that you should visit on your trip

At Global Connection we show you the streets of New York that you cannot miss during your study trip.
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If you are thinking of studying in the Big Apple, you should know the most important parts of the city. And above all, It is essential to know the main streets of New York, to know how to guide yourself and, why not, to learn more about the history and culture of the place you go.

At Global Connection we want to help you make your study trip to New York a success, and we want to take the role of being your tour guide in this great city. 

Today we want to introduce you to some of the most popular streets in the city that you will want to visit in New York.


New York streets

The name may seem familiar to you; finally, The musicals and theater of this well-known New York street are known throughout the world, thanks to films that talk about its impact on North American culture.

But it's not just about the spectacle: this street crosses almost the entirety of Manhattan from south to north, and has been the scene of several of the cultural milestones of the United States.

Along the way, you will find the Canyon of Heroes, where more than one important figure of the last century has been celebrated; Madison Square, one of the city's most popular public parks; Times Square, the most important intersection in the United States, in addition to housing the area's theater world; the monument to Guiseppe Verdi, and even the mythical Bronx neighborhood.

Wall Street

New York streets

Although it is not as extensive as Broadway, Wall Street is one of the most important streets in the city, and, without exaggeration, of the world, since it is one of the most valuable economic centers in the world, where the two largest stock exchanges on the planet are located.

In addition to this, you can also appreciate the architecture of this great economic center, which ranges from 1930s skyscrapers, such as 1 Wall Street, to a Gothic church at the intersection with Broadway: Trinity Church.

You will also find Federal Hall, the former home of the US Customs House, and the bull of Wall Street, the well-known bronze statue that represents the power and prosperity of the United States.

5th Avenue

New York streets

If Wall Street is the center of trading in securities, 5th Avenue is the direct trade center of New York. This street, which has been an important part of the history of the city and the transit of its inhabitants and merchants, It is also the location of important buildings such as the Empire State Building, the New York Public Library and St. Patrick's Cathedral..

In addition to the hundreds of luxury businesses, such as Louis Vitton, Tiffany's or Armani, on this street you will also find culture in abundance on the nicknamed Museum Mile, where you will find 10 museums to visit, including the very important Metropolitan Museum of Art.

7th Avenue

New York streets

Also known as Fashion Avenue and Adam Clayton Boulevard, it contains two elements that are almost dissonant, but coexist in the big city: the history of hip hop and the world of high fashion.

On one hand, there is Harlem, focus of the Harlem Renaissance, one of the most important explosions of African American culture in history, which gave rise to theater, music and dance from this community, including hip hop and jazz, two of the most important genres in recent American history. 

On the other, there is the Fashion District, or Garment District, where New York Fashion Week twice a year, being one of the 4 most relevant events in world fashion; Furthermore, a third of the country's clothing is designed in this district, and its designer stores are open to the public.

park avenue

In a route that begins parallel to Broadway, until it crosses this other important avenue in the south of the city, Park Avenue runs through Manhattan from south to north, on its east side, it is a tour through the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.

Although this street does not have many parks along its route, contrary to what its name would suggest, it is full of greenery: this street has a divider along much of its route that almost looks like a garden.

There is also the Park Avenue Viaduct, an elevated road for automobiles, which has been considered a marvel of engineering that also helps decongest the city's extremely high vehicular traffic.

Did any of these destinations make you curious? We hope that this small sample of what we show you here is one more reason to visit one of the emblematic cities of the United States. If you want to know about the English courses we have in this city, Contact us here.

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