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Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a city full of history, culture and entertainment. It is the beating heart of the Emerald Isle and a city where tradition and modernity have combined very well. And if you decide to take a study trip to Ireland, it is important to know some places in Dublin.

If you are planning a study trip to Dublin, there are many iconic places that will give you an idea of the history and culture of this city, which will complement your experience in Ireland.

Scroll down and discover the 5 most interesting places in Dublin, which you can visit as an international student. 

St. Patrick's Cathedral


St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of the most emblematic places in Dublin. It is the largest church in Ireland and is located in the heart of the city center

It was built in the 12th century at the point where Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, baptized the first Christians of Ireland, making it one of the most important places for the Irish.

The cathedral is impressive for its Gothic architecture and magnificent stained glass windows., also houses numerous relics and monuments, such as the tomb of the writer Jonathan Swift, author of “Gulliver's Travels.”

The Trinity College Library


The Trinity College Library is one of the most famous places in Dublin, there is the famous exhibition of manuscripts and some ancient books such as: the Book of Kells, a literary work written in the year 800 AD which is a manuscript with illustrations, the four gospels of the Christian New Testament.

The building itself is impressive, with its large hall and impressive vaulted ceiling. The Library has more than six million volumes and is one of the largest libraries in the world

It is also home to one of the most important collections of manuscripts and rare books in the world, including works by William Shakespeare and James Joyce, an Irish writer, renowned for his masterpiece, Ulysses, and for his controversial novel Finnegans Wake.

Dublin Castle


Dublin Castle is one of the oldest and most emblematic buildings in the city. It is located in the center of Dublin and has witnessed many historical moments, from the Norman invasion in the 12th century to the independence of Ireland in 1922.

The castle was rebuilt in the 18th century and today hosts various exhibitions and cultural events. You can also visit the crown jewel of the exhibition: St. Patrick's Hall, which houses the treasures of the Order of St. Patrick.

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The Guinness Factory

The Guinness Factory It is a must-see place for beer lovers. It was founded in 1759 and has become one of the most famous breweries in the world. 

The Factory offers guided tours of its facilities, where you can learn about the history of the brewery and the beer-making process.

You can also enjoy a pint of Guinness on the Rooftop Gravity Bar, which offers panoramic views of Dublin.

The Temple Bar Neighborhood


Temple Bar is one of the most vibrant and lively neighborhoods in Dublin. It is famous for its many bars, restaurants and craft shops. 

The neighborhood is especially lively at night, when the bars and pubs are filled with life and live music.. It is also home to several museums, art galleries and theatres, making it an ideal place to explore Dublin's culture.

If you are planning to take your English program in Ireland, be sure to visit these five iconic places to experience the best that the city has to offer in terms of culture, history and entertainment. 

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