Tips to cope with Jet Lag

Arriving in a new city is a difficult moment in which you must be very attentive. But sometimes this is difficult because of the famous Jet Lag, how to solve it?
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Arriving in a new city is a difficult moment and one of mixed emotions in which you must be very attentive to what is happening around you. But sometimes this is difficult because of the famous Jet Lag. Is it possible to make it more tolerable?

He Jet Lag It is a temporary sleep disturbance that affects travelers who cross more than 3 time zones, causing fatigue, drowsiness, intestinal problems, irritability, among other symptoms that vary depending on age, health status and destination.

For many people, this can represent a challenge that can end up affecting daily activities at a crucial moment such as arriving in a new country.

So that Jet Lag does not affect you as much, in Global Connection We give you some tips to make it less intense:

Before and during the flight

Adjust your schedule

A few days before your flight you can adjust your biological schedule to that of the city you are going to travel to. By sleeping about two hours later or earlier depending on the case, you will notice the difference.

There are quite practical applications that will help you create a flight plan days before your trip (Jet Lag Rooster, Entrain, Skyzen) so that you gradually adjust your habits to the schedule of another city.

Change the time on your watch

A trick to trick your mind a little is to adjust your watch to the time zone of your destination once you get on the plane. It may sound a little insignificant, but this will help you get psyched for the city's schedule.

Eat light meals to avoid Jet Lag

This does not mean not eating well, it is just that your vital functions will have to adapt to the new schedule and it is better that you feel light.

Two days before your trip, try to avoid heavy foods that have a lot of seasoning or calories, this way you will be much more attentive and feel much better.

After the trip

Sleep alone at night to avoid Jet Lag

Once you arrive at your destination, it is important that you do not take “power naps.” Better take a shower and go for a walk.

If you take naps, the only thing you will achieve is postpone the discomfort for a few more days.

Don't stay still

According to the World Health Organization, being in constant movement improves circulation, which will make your body get used to the place, the altitude, the climate faster, and most importantly, you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

The importance of the sun

Natural light will significantly help you relieve the symptoms of jet lag, and you will naturally adjust your wakefulness and sleep cycle.

Be patient with Jet Lag

It usually takes the body one day per time zone to recover from discomfort, so it will take a few days to feel really comfortable and adapted, in a few days you will feel like new.

These short and practical tips will help you reduce the discomfort and from the moment you arrive, you can live your new experience to the fullest.

Jet lag only lasts a few days, then you will be ready to enjoy your trip with all the energy.

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