Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian F1 Grand Prix: An activity that you can enjoy while studying in Canada

Discover how to combine your studies in Canada with an exciting experience at the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, in the city of Montreal.
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Can you imagine taking an English course or completing a higher education program in one of the destinations where one of the most popular Formula 1 races will take place? Get ready to live the experience of this exciting motor sport, in the country of Canada, with the Grand Prix that will be run in the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, located in the city of Montreal.

Canada is a country that offers a wide range of both academic and recreational opportunities for international students. One of the exciting activities that you can enjoy while you study in Canada, it is the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. 

This world-renowned race not only gives you adrenaline and excitement, but also immerses you in motorsport culture in a vibrant and multicultural environment. In this article, we will discover all the details so that Make the most of this experience while studying a English program or of Higher Education in Canada.

The history of the Canadian Grand Prix

Canadian Grand Prix

The history of the Canadian Grand Prix goes back to the 1960s, when it was first held at the Mosport Park circuit in 1967. This iconic motorsport race has evolved over the years, becoming a featured stop on the Formula 1 calendar. 

In its first editions, the Canadian Grand Prix was characterized by its exciting layout, challenging drivers with fast corners and long straights. Over the decades, The race has been moved to the Montreal circuit, one of the popular destinations among international students in Canada, known as the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, in honor of the Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve, has witnessed countless exciting moments and legendary duels between the best drivers in the world, establishing itself as one of the most anticipated events of the Formula 1 championship. The Canadian Grand Prix is not only a world-renowned sporting event, but also a symbol of the Canadian passion for motorsports and the excitement that comes with it.

Where will the Canadian Grand Prix take place?

Canadian Grand Prix winners

The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix takes place in the city of Montreal, located in the province of Quebec. With its historic charm, impressive architecture and striking urban life, Montreal is a fascinating place to study and live. In addition to the excitement of the race, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of cultural and recreational activities that the city has to offer, along with English schools and programs that will allow you a very complete experience while studying in Canada.

When will the Canadian Grand Prix take place?

Canadian Grand Prix Date

The race will take place next Sunday, June 18, 2023, starting at 1:00 pm (Colombian time). Qualifying and practical activities take place during the previous days, i.e. on Friday June 16, The different F1 teams carry out their usual free practices, where each driver will be able to get to know this circuit “without so much pressure”, and Saturday June 17, you will have to compete in the classic qualifying race, or Pole Position, which will define his departure on Sunday.

Be sure to check the official event schedule so you don't miss any of the exciting sessions, at the official page of Formula 1.

What do tickets cost to see the Canadian Grand Prix?

Canadian Grand Prix ticket prices may vary depending on location and date of purchase. From general admission tickets to seats in the most exclusive stands, there are options for all budgets. 

For example, you will have options or packages such as the Driver Grandstand 46, where you will be in an open grandstand with bleacher-style seats, with a view of the cars, as they leave the hairpin and accelerate along the long straight that this circuit has. With an approximate cost of $665 CAD*. Or purchase the package F1, Garage 3 days, where you can enjoy this award for 3 days, from different places and parts of the circuit, very close to the drivers and their cars, with the possibility of accommodation, for an approximate cost of: $40,000 AUD*

We remind you that you can check the official website of the event for updated information on prices and ticket purchasing options.

Which drivers will be at the Canadian Grand Prix?

Which drivers will be at the Canadian Grand Prix?

The Canadian Grand Prix will feature some of the best Formula 1 drivers in the world. 

stars like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, the Mexican Checo Pérez, the Spanish Fernando Alonso, and of course Lance Stroll Aston Martin driver, who will run as a local in this award, since he was born exactly in Montreal, a city in Canada. They are some of the pilots, who along with other greats of this sport, will compete in this exciting race to win the long-awaited trophy.

Nearby accommodations to enjoy the Canadian Grand Prix

Nearby accommodations to enjoy the Canadian Grand Prix

To enjoy the Canadian Grand Prix while you are studying in this destination, you will have the following options for your accommodation:


Some of them are located near the circuit, and offer amenities and easy access to the race. Among the most popular options you can find: the Hotel de l'Institut, the Hotel Alt Montreal, the Hotel Nelligan and the Hotel William Gray.

If you prefer to stay on the island where the circuit is located, there are options such as the Hotel Auberge Harris, which is located nearby. suburb of Dorval, or the Hotel Universel Montreal, located on the island itself. These locations offer comfort and the chance to immerse yourself in the race atmosphere all weekend long.

Airbnb and vacation rentals

If you are looking for a more personalized experience or an affordable accommodation option, Consider renting an apartment or room through platforms like Airbnb. 

There are a variety of options available in and around Montreal to suit different budgets and preferences. Be sure to check the location and host reviews to ensure you find a convenient and reliable option.

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Transportation options to get to the Canadian Grand Prix circuit

Getting to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to watch the Canadian Grand Prix is relatively easy. Some transportation options to get to the track are:

Public transport

Montreal has an efficient public transportation system that will take you to the circuit. You can use the metro and get off at the Jean-Drapeau station, which is located on the island where the circuit is located. From there, follow the signs and walk to the race location. The metro is a popular option as it avoids traffic and allows you to enjoy a comfortable journey.


Another option is to take the bus to the circuit. Several bus lines operate in Montreal and will take you close to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Check available routes and schedules to plan your trip in advance.

Taxi or shared transportation service

If you prefer a more convenient and personalized option, You can take a taxi or use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. The drivers are familiar with the event and will be able to take you directly to the circuit. Please note that during the Canadian Grand Prix, there may be greater demand and slightly higher prices.

Walk or bike

If you are near the circuit or in an accessible area, an option to consider is walking or using a bicycle. Montreal is a pedestrian and cyclist friendly city, and the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is accessible from different areas. This option allows you to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of the event while traveling sustainably.

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Recommendations to enjoy the race

When studying in Canada and wanting to enjoy this incredible Formula 1 race in Canada, we show you some recommendations:

  • Arrive early at the circuit to find a good place to watch the race and explore the facilities.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and take sun protection. since you could spend several hours outdoors.
  • Don't forget to bring water and snacks to keep you hydrated and energized during the day.
  • If you are a motorsports fan, consider purchase a full access pass that allows you to enjoy the Canadian Grand Prix from start to finish.

The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix is not only an exciting activity for motorsport lovers, but also a unique experience that you can enjoy while studying in Canada. 

In addition to making your study project in Canada a reality, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of elite motorsport, watch exciting races and witness unforgettable moments at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Take this opportunity to combine your passion for Formula 1 with a quality education and immersion in the striking city of Montreal.

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