The best road trips in the United States

Learn about the best road trips through the United States that you can do during your study trip to this destination.
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The United States is a very large country full of interstate highways that connect each of the states and cities very well (except Alaska and Hawaii). That is why one of the most interesting activities for travelers are road trips through the United States.

In the country there are many exciting routes that will leave you with your mouth open while you get to know the landscapes and culture of each of the states.

Naps studying in the United States or are you traveling soon to to study English with us, then get your minivan and your travel map ready to discover the road trip through the United States most popular among travelers.

Route 66, the quintessential road trip through the United States

We start our list with that road trip through the United States that no one can miss: the famous Route 66, also known as America's Main Street. This federal avenue was inaugurated in 1926 and was included in the list of the main federal avenues in the country since its founding.

This route extends from Chicago, Illinois and passes through the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, ending in the city of The Angels, California. So, for a long time, it was the main highway of the country.

However, after several government reforms and the emergence of the United States interstate highway network, Route 66 began to suffer a sharp decline, to the point that it was officially discontinued from the National Highway Network in 1985.

But during the 90's and the 2000s, Route 66 gained great cultural relevance, which is why it returned to the maps as Historic Route 66, and once again became the ideal road for adventurers to cross the country on one side. to another, a 3,940 kilometer journey that ends on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica.

Pacific Coast Highway, a road trip through California

If you are studying any of the cities in the state of California. You can take advantage of a weekend to have a relaxing trip through California and get to know all the beautiful landscapes that are found on the Pacific coast.

This route is ideal for those who want to travel from Los Angeles to see the Bay of San Francisco, but if you want to know all the environments of California and its landscapes, you can extend your trip from San Diego to the city of Eureka, California, the place where this trip ends, which is a few kilometers from the border with Oregon.

Without a doubt, an unmissable route for road trip lovers through the United States.

Blue Ridge Parkway, the road between the mountains

If instead of taking a walk near the sea you prefer a road trip through the United States among the mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the ideal road for you.

This famous 755-kilometer highway crosses the state of Virginia and passes through North Carolina to pass through one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Smokey Mountains National Park.

In this case, a 4 or 5-day trip will be enough to fully enjoy all the landscapes of the area and learn more about the mountainous geography of these states.

North Shore Scenic Drive, a beautiful road in Minnesota

If you are studying in a city like St. Paul in the state of Minnesota, a road trip along North Shore Scenic Drive It will show you all those landscapes that you cannot miss.

The North Shore Scenic drive is a road that circles Lake Superior bordering the Canadian border. So on a road trip along this route you will discover beautiful spaces full of excellent views of the lake before you reach the final destination: Grand Portage, Minnesota, a few kilometers from the Canadian border.

If you are one of those who love road trips through the United States, you will find this small route of the All-American Roads charming.

Florida Route 1, a road trip through the United States over the sea

Finally, it is important to close this list with one of the most beautiful roads in the country that invites you to get to know the Caribbean state of the country: Florida.

If you make a English course in a city in this state like Miami, you can do this route that takes you through the most famous keys in Florida such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and the famous Key West.

But the most beautiful thing about this trip is the route by which you go from one key to the other, because it is a great road built on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean that make you feel like you are on a journey to paradise. Without a doubt an unmissable landscape.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter which city you choose to do a study program in. In any one you will find a road trip through the United States that will make you feel the great emotion of traditional road trips.

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