New students in Australia: Recommendations for finding accommodation.

New students in Australia who have just arrived in the country often face a very complicated situation: looking for a place to live. Although it is one of the most essential things to keep in mind, it can become a very tedious task when you are preparing your trip.
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The new students in Australia Those who have just arrived in the country usually face a very complicated situation: looking for a place to live. Although it is one of the most essential things to keep in mind, it can become a very tedious task when you are preparing your trip.

Finding accommodation in another country when you are going to travel to study It can be one of the most difficult and stressful tasks of the entire process.. Not only should you look for a good neighborhood to live in, but you should also balance it with your finances so you are not suffering every month for money.

If you are in Australia and are looking for accommodation, we will tell you the aspects and recommendations that you should take into account to facilitate this task:

Use apps to find student accommodation in Australia

In recent years, digital services have become quite popular: every day they appear new applications that make our lives much easier. And if you need to find student accommodation in Australia, there are apps to help you do just that. Here we show you some of the most used:


The most popular service currently for temporary accommodation. And in Australia this can be a very good option for foreign students, since they offer everything from rooms to complete apartments so you can have a good time in the country.

However, their rates tend to be a little high, something you should take into account in your finances if you decide to choose a Airbnb.


Flatmates It is a little less known, but it is still a very good option to find accommodation. Here you can find rooms at different prices so you can choose the best option.

You can also connect with other users to be roomies and find an apartment together, don't close yourself to any option.

Marketplace Facebook

Believe it or not, This site has become quite popular to find what you need: appliances, cell phones, vehicles, and yes, apartments and accommodations.

It is a matter of knowing how to search and find your best option, do not underestimate what the Marketplace has to offer you.

Get to know your student accommodation in Australia personally

Don't sign just to sign and get by. Remember that whatever place you choose for your stay you should feel comfortable and calm. If you sign too soon you may find yourself with a place that you don't like very much and you will have to put up with it or do the procedure again.

It is true that Australia is on the other side of the world. However, there are options for you to view your accommodation carefully, you can arrange a video call to see the place of stay and ensure that everything is fine.

When you are planning your trip, avoid any hasty decisions.

Locate your accommodation

Remember that you are going to a completely new city that you don't know, so it is crucial choose well-located accommodation so that you don't get lost or it's easy for you to get to your classes.

Find your school on Google Maps and make sure you choose accommodation located strategically so that you can study and get to know the city without ending up wandering around the city a thousand times.

Beware of the Scam for students in Australia

Although it is essential for your study trip to find accommodation, when you look for it you should be a little distrustful about what you find. At some point you may come across an offer so good that it doesn't seem real, and the more it surprises you, the more you should doubt it.

On the internet there are many people who make scams, taking advantage of people's needs to scam them. The technique is to make very cheap sales or rental publications to the point that they seem too good to be true. But once you pay you realize that everything was a scam and what they were offering you was not real.

It is better to be cautious and not end up in trouble because you are too trusting.

Important words you should know

You may find many words in your search that you don't fully understand. Here we will show you some so that you don't end up lost when you find them.

  • Share room: Shared room (2 or 3 beds in the same room)
  • Bed and breakfast: Accommodation with breakfast included (can be single or shared room)
  • Single room: independent room (You have your room to yourself)
  • bunk bed: Bunk bed / double bed (Cabin)
  • Flat: Single level / floor apartment.
  • Shared Apartment: Shared apartment (Common areas such as living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom are shared)
  • Roomate: Roommate (Who sleeps in a different bed in the same room as you)
  • Flatmate: Who shares an apartment with you but in a different room.

Known Tips to get a job as a student in Australia.

If you want to start your study travel program in Australia, contact one of our Counselors to learn more.

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