7 things you didn't know about Ireland

At Global Connection we tell you some things you didn't know about Ireland, one of our most interesting destinations.
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Ireland It is one of the most interesting destinations to do an English program abroad, from its culture to the activities to do are part of the great Irish experience. However, There may be many things that you didn't know about Ireland and that will make you even more curious and want to get to know this destination.

Ireland is a country that attracts tourists from all over the world due to its natural beauty, rich history and vibrant culture. But there are many interesting things about Ireland that most people don't know.

Take note, in Global Connection We show you seven things you didn't know about Ireland.

Ireland is a bilingual country


One of Ireland's official languages is English, but it is also a bilingual country, since Irish Gaelic is constitutionally recognized as a national language. This language comes from the inhabitants of the island prior to the rule of the British Crown.

Although Irish Gaelic is taught in schools and used in traditional culture, most people speak English in their daily lives., since it is much easier to use, whether you are Irish or not.

Ireland is one of the largest islands in Europe


Ireland is one of the countries in Europe that is not part of the European continental plate, and it is Ireland is the third largest island in Europe after Great Britain and Iceland, and the largest island in Europe if the Asian part of Russia is excluded. 

The island has an area of approximately 84,000 km², which means it is slightly larger than the state of Maine in the United States.

Potato is the most popular food


Very little is known about Irish food culture, so it is good to know that one of the most popular ingredients in Ireland is the potato.

And it is that The potato has been a staple in the Irish diet for centuries, and is still the country's most popular food. Typical dishes include mashed potatoes, colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage), boxty (potato pancakes) and champ (mashed potatoes with onions).

Pubs play an important role in Irish culture


Ireland's pubs are not just places to have a pint of beer and get drunk on a Friday night. Actually, Pubs are essential places within the social fabric of the Irish.

And these are places where the community gathers to socialize, listen to live music and tell stories.. Pubs have been a central element of Irish culture for centuries, and many of them have a rich history and tradition.

Ireland is home to the world's most famous stout


If pubs have a fundamental importance within Ireland, it is normal that some beers that are flagships of the country are produced within this country, and the most famous black beer in the world, Guinness, originates from Dublin, Ireland. 

The Guinness Brewery was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, and has since become one of the most popular beers in the world., and one of the most desired by beer fans.

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It is home to many ancient castles


Something that European countries like to preserve are the important architectural pieces that are in their territories, and that is why Ireland is famous for its ancient castles, many of which have been kept in excellent condition over the centuries. 

Some of the most impressive castles include Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle and Cahir Castle.

Ireland is famous for its traditional music

Traditional Irish music is famous around the world for its catchy rhythm and ability to tell stories through song.. To the point that Irish folk music has a large global audience.

Traditional Irish instruments include the bodhrán, acoustic guitar and fiddle. And some of Ireland's most famous traditional musicians include The Chieftains, The Dubliners and Enya.

In conclusion, Ireland is a country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. From its bilingual language to its famous pubs, castles and mountains, there is much to discover in this country. Whether you are interested in music, food, history or nature, or make a English program, there is something for everyone in Ireland.
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