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Study in Hastings:

Who is Hastings for?

Hastings is ideal for students who prefer to study English in a small town. Not everyone wants to live in the hustle and bustle of a capital. Hastings is quiet surrounded by beautiful countryside. In summer, students spend their free time on the beach. After playing volleyball or jogging, on the beach you can watch the wonderful sunset. The spirit of the sea will give you the feeling of being on vacation while studying English.

More about Hastings

Hastings is a city in southern United Kingdom, is a coastal tourist city, very much in the style of other nearby enclaves such as Brighton. Living in Hastings is a unique experience: close to the beach and fresh sea air. It is generally cheaper to live here than in London.

Getting to know the city is easy. You can visit the ancient city, its castles, cathedrals, abbeys and drink tea in the afternoons. During the summer you can attend events and festivals with fireworks, beach activities, movie nights, international cultural nights, billiards championships, pubs and restaurants; It is located just an hour and a half from central London and less than an hour from Brighton, the train station has direct connections with these two cities.

Information of interest

  • Population: 85,000 Approx.
  • Cinema ticket: £8.00
  • Theater ticket: £20
  • Bus transport: £10.00 per week
  • Lunch in pub/restaurant: £10 – £25
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