London, an excellent destination

One of the ideal destinations to enjoy your study trip abroad is London, a place to live an unforgettable educational experience.
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Learn English in United Kingdom It is a great advantage and at the same time a real challenge. In these countries you can discover the birthplace of English but also face quite strange accents. One of the ideal destinations to enjoy your study trip abroad is London.

And it is that London It is not only the political, financial and social center of the United Kingdom. It is also the space where such important cultural and social movements coexist that they have become iconic elements around the world.

In this article we will tell you what makes London an excellent destination.

The home of English

Since the first settlers of Great Britain inhabited the territory, what is now London witnessed the entire birth and evolution of the Language. This means that if you decide to study in London you will know the language very well and you will become a true expert.

Furthermore, in London you can find the vast majority of accents. So you can exercise your hearing very well.

London, the capital of football

Although this is a little more of an activity for those who love soccer, it is an unmissable experience for anyone who visits the city. In most countries you can find one or two soccer teams per city. There are a lot of teams in London.

To some extent, every London neighborhood has a football team

If you go to the Highbury District you will find Arsenal FC's Emirates Stadium. If you go to the Tottenham neighborhood you will find the home of Spurs. To the west you can find Stamford Bridge and Craven Cottage where Chelsea and Fulham are located. In Stratford you will find the London Olympic Stadium where West Ham play and, finally, to the south you will find Selhurst Park where Crystal Palace play.

Definitely the London football experience It is a tourist attraction in itself that is worth experiencing.

London is the hub of English culture

In London you can live an English experience like you see in the movies. If you want to have an elegant experience and drink tea on the banks of the Thames or if you want to have a beer in a pub with your friends, in any case you can do it.

You can even go to Abbey Road and take the same photo that The Beatles took in 1969 on that famous street.

No matter what experience you want, London gives you the opportunity to live it.

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Travel and study with Global Connection
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