Advantages of studying in Dubai

Studying in Dubai is a very good option to improve your English and reach one of the safest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
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Dubai is one of the most modern and exotic destinations you can find when you are looking for where to study English. However, many people hesitate to choose this destination because they consider that it is better to study English in a country where English is mostly spoken. But there are actually many advantages of studying in Dubai.

Dubai is a city that has experienced great growth during the last decades, and that has attracted a lot of attention from the international community. Therefore, the city began to attract so many foreigners that it became an obligation to speak English.

Now we will show you why to choose study in dubai It is an excellent decision.

Cosmopolitan city

As we said before, the great growth of Dubai caused many people from different parts of the world to come to this city. That makes the city become a great mix of cultures.

That's why you may face that 80% of the students in the city are foreigners, and they are all speaking English. That means that if you want to tune your ear for the different accents that exist, Dubai is the ideal option.

The same number of cultures means that the issue of clothing and religion is not so strict in Dubai. While most people practice Islam, multiculturalism has made these issues much more flexible.

Besides, In Dubai you will always find new things to do.

Quality and cost of living

Contrary to what many people believe, the cost of living in Dubai may be cheaper than other destinations. In this city it is possible that with only 1000 USD a month you can pay for your basic needs.

In addition, transportation is very efficient, which means that you can easily get around the city.

Besides that, Dubai is a very safe city. So you can be completely calm walking down the street. All this makes the quality of life excellent.

Work and study in Dubai

The best way to support yourself in Dubai is to work while you study. And fortunately in Dubai you can do it. When you take an English course in Dubai you can access part-time jobs safely and legally.

Furthermore, as the city is a financial, tourist and commercial center, access to job opportunities in these fields is facilitated. Additionally, when you finish your course you can get a full-time job where you can obtain a resident visa.

If you want to know more about Dubai, contact a Global Connection Counselor.

Travel and study with Global Connection
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